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hotsexicons's Journal

hotsex icons!
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Hotsex Icons is an icon community created by onthetide and carnivalnights to alleviate our boredom. skulltorn has since joined our team and we are delighted to have her.
All entries are public.
Posting of icons will be limited to the two of us.
That being said, you may certainly friend us or join the community. We love stalking knowing who uses our icons.
All entries and icons posted will be archived in the memories under the appropriate category, so you can easily track down an icon of your favourite sexkitten(s).
We take requests! Check here to see if we're currently taking requests, then request an icon or two or twenty.

Credit is a wonderful, wonderful thing. In fact, we insist upon it. You may either credit the community (hotsexicons) or the maker (razorlicious or onthetide) in the keywords of the icon(s) (how?).
Comments keep us happy, and though not required, they makes us feel all warm and fuzzy. But if you're feeling particularly anti-social, feel free to take the icons without a comment. We'll still love you.
We'd appreciate it if you didn't edit any icons that aren't clearly marked as bases.
Please do not hotlink our icons. Don't make us beat you with a shovel.

inxsomniax, awmp, _joni, disappearicons, oxoniensis, admireicons, detoxcocktails, inexorablyhere, teh_indy, ohpaintbrush, withaghost, foto_decadent, noldo_icons, 1greeneye, vbrush, The Magic Box, textura.
Layout overrides and background image provided by the fabulous faceon.

petrolemotion, _coquettish, ohpaintbrush, buttah_icons, applehoney.

Where we go for inspiration or just to look in awe over drool-worthy icons, brushes, textures or other art:
RAZORLICIOUS: ddollcreations, inxsomniax, awmp, theoldvicarage, crackified, spookshowicons, _coquettish, kyleschick, paddies, enginedriven, raelala, dogwasstar, colorfilter, plantsarehappy, cheapcrowd, revolutioned, teh_indy, grrliz_icons, eightyfour__, rhinestone_life, dearest...
ONTHETIDE: __whycons, _blisse, _coquettish, acopyofacopy, autostop, awmp, bystarlight_, call_me_daisy, covert_light, disappearicons, dmitup, dogwasstar, eightyfour__, nyuszi, grrliz_icons, gunshotresidue, helloicons, houseoficons, iconsinstereo, inxsomniax, mouthfullofdust, noldo_icons, sidledplant, outside_icons, oxoniensis, porcelainveins, cheapcrowd, revolutioned, rhapsody_icons, small_potatoes_, spookshowicons, stickywicket, teh_indy, vanityfaired1, zetsubou_...

Feeling nice? Want to link us? We'll adore you forever. And look! We even provide buttons:

onthetide can also be found posting at decorous_icons!